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Corporate Information
WILLCOR, Inc. is a company founded on the principles of providing excellent customer support, using leading experts in their fields, in all aspects of the design and production of Military and aerospace systems. The company was started in 2002 to support the Navy's Best Manufacturing Practices Center of Excellence (BMPCOE) in College Park, Maryland, when a small business contract was desired. Most of WILLCOR's employees (currently over forty) have more than 10 years' of legacy experience managing and operating the BMPCOE and supporting its customers. Currently, WILLCOR supports five main contracts, as well as numerous smaller task orders each year. The company has grown from a business base of $.5M in year one to over $7M in its current year of operation. WILLCOR specializes in supporting Government contracts remains efficient with focus on our resources and our employees. WILLCOR works closely with the University of Maryland and leads the Best Manufacturing Practices (BMP) Enterprise in College Park, MD, where most of its employees are located. WILLCOR also has a small corporate office in Clinton, Maryland and a small field office in Charleston, SC. When operating the BMPCOE for the Navy, WILLCOR personnel were pivotal in winning the Innovations in American Government Award, the first Navy program to win this national, coveted award. Other awards include the Hammer Award and numerous letters of commendation.

WILLCOR can fill a valuable position on your team, with experts in acquisition management, risk management, producibility, production support, and failure analysis. Over the past several years, WILLCOR personnel have taken no less than three major military systems that were failing during operational testing, and moved them into production. At times, WILLCOR has been called the "Process Police" because of its keen focus on design and production processes. The company supports all aspects of the design and production processes, but does not actually produce hardware. WILLCOR supports numerous mission assurance and quality assurance tasks for the Missile Defense Agency, and similar tasking elsewhere within DoD as well. WILLCOR has a premier virtual office capability and can deploy this portal/virtual office suite in support of the team or its client. WILLCOR is currently working on many tasks in the area of Tin Whisker mitigation, Ball Grid Array (BGA) inspection techniques, and embedded die technology that eliminates solder from printed circuit board manufacturing.

In addition to being able to provide support to its prime and its client in risk management on all task orders as required, failure analysis and Mission Assurance, including pedigree development, fault tree analysis, etc., WILLCOR can establish a portal and a set of virtual offices for its IPT teams to support all aspects of contract performance.

WILLCOR has performed numerous on-site factory and facility surveys the past few years and has documented more than 5,000 best practices to date. Through its survey process, WILLCOR personnel have experience with more production facilities worldwide than any other organization of which we are aware. This experience will be useful to a client as WILLCOR will draw from the experiences of the best in support of project requirements. WILLCOR also has extensive contacts throughout the U.S. and European industrial bases, bringing leading experts to bear on problems as needed.

WILLCOR has a proven process for identifying, analyzing, and effecting change. WILLCOR has taught risk management in the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and this process is in line with DoD and MDA's risk management philosophy, MRLs, and EMRLs. At the heart of this philosophy is the Technical Risk Identification & Mitigation System (TRIMS), and risk management is a core item of WILLCOR's Systems Engineering & Integration capabilities and expertise. WILLCOR personnel have been conducting risk identification and mitigation for Military and aerospace systems since 1990 and have developed and supported the creation of numerous handbooks and guidance documents. These documents and our expertise, range from the development of a complete systems engineering model based on best practices, to topics such as ESS, TAAF, sneak circuit analysis, and many others.

WILLCOR brings added value to a client from its broad understanding of the U.S. industrial base. As an example, WILLCOR supports a missile program whose prime contractor had been searching for a solution to a problem with a connector melting under high temperature for several months. WILLCOR was asked to assist and, within 48 hours, a MIL-SPEC high-temperature ceramic connector was located. This knowledge and expertise are hard to quantify, but can be invaluable when looking for a creative solution to a design or production problem.

Another value added capability that WILLCOR brings to a client is in the area of transition from Science & Technology (S&T) to Production. WILLCOR has developed an S&T to Production model based on numerous programs it has supported for the Marine Corps. The concept of a "one step" acquisition process is not new, but has failed in the past for two reasons. First, one cannot simply skip steps in the acquisition process to speed it up. This always increases risk (S&T to Production is not meant to be a high risk process). The next step of the process is to understand what programs are valid candidates for an S&T to Production process. Part of this process is the development of an expert system, known as SPEC-RITE, to help with the development of performance-based specifications for systems development.

WILLCOR is a small business with short lines of communication. From the President to the employees, WILLCOR is committed to the success of each contract; all appropriate company resources are made available promptly and efficiently.